"Your quote sounds too good to be true."


We hear this very often.  Bottom line, we are priced well below our competition.  

We typically can save applicants from $500-$5000 or more on their loan quote

while offering an identical interest rate and loan product. 

This often results in a "no closing cost" mortgage.

Once the terms are "locked in" (the same day you apply), they cannot change. 

No fee is collected until your terms are "locked in", at which point we would require the appraisal fee to be paid.

Request a written quote to determine how much we can save you. 


Located in Broward County, Florida, Base Rate Mortgage is a Florida company that serves Florida homeowners only.  With 28+ years of residential lending experience, the team at Base Rate Mortgage will deliver an industry leading price quote.  We offer the latest digital technology, while also being available for personal communication via phone, email, or text 7 days a week.